Garden volunteers are taking over!

When I planned my garden, I did not plan for the sporadic beauty nature tends to be. While planting, it was fairly windy out and there was a seed spill into the middle of my carefully planned pathway. One that I could come in and out of with the wagons, trailer and ATV. 

I tried hard to get them all, but I clearly missed a few. 

These cute little volunteers were great in July, I was happy about them and gladly navigated them as I did my weeding and harvesting. Here they are Aug 11.

Garden 2021 Volunteers

Now here they 13 days later and these volunteers are out of control!

garden volunteers at the end of aug

We have one random stock of corn but the others were actually pumpkins and they are stretching and reaching as far as they possibly can, including up into my tomato plants! I can’t even be bothered by it, the actual pumpkins I planted didn’t make it. Lucky me with these unexpected volunteers saving the garden harvest.  

The downside is these babies are here for the rest of the gardening season since the pumpkins will be nearly the last to be ready. A minor nuisance as I did want to top up the wood chips and continue to layer the paths to hold the weeds back. You’ll catch me down there until the dirt and wood chips are frozen or the piles are gone, whichever comes first.