Starting with a small garden

Before buying our first home, I had barely spent any time in a garden. My dad and step mom are garden power houses and always have something growing. It seems so easy for them to have an abundant garden. 

When we bought our first home while there were feet of snow on the ground. Once the snow melted, we saw our 14 garden beds! With help from our parents identifying things, we were able to transform the gardens and start to produce a bit of food for ourselves. That was 7 years ago. 

Now that we are at the hobby farm and have a ton of open space, I was eager to create a huge garden. Mike talked me down to something manageable as he knew this summer was going to include a lot of sweat equity and clean up on the property. 

We selected a spot on the property that wasn’t where I had plans for the huge garden. We tilled the land to get rid of the wheat and weeds that had been growing for years. We didn’t do a great job and the weeds have certainly come through, but the garden is producing and serving its purpose for the year!