The Bees Have Arrived

Bees are these amazing little creatures that play such an incredible role in pollinating the planet. DYK we couldn’t survive without them? Seriously, honey bees perform more than 80 percent of all pollination of cultivated crops. I do admire bees, but my history with them hasn’t always been so symbiotic. 

For the last few years, before becoming a beekeeper, I was consistently getting stung every 1-3 years. Each time, I would swell up and be quite uncomfortable for a few days. I think this reaction is related to a traumatic hive experience when I was about 8 to 10 years old. I was running through a field and I ran through a Yellow Jacket's nest on the ground. That was a very memorable day in my childhood. There were easily 40+ bee stings up and down each side of my body and my legs swelled up more than I though was humanly possible without bursting. It was quite the experience. Ever since then, any time I get stung, I react. 

I still love the bees though. 

Years ago, I recall striving towards getting bees but being bound by the city. Now here we are in April 2020 we’re on our 5 acre hobby farm and just weeks away from my first beekeeping course. With the magnitude of Cronavirus and a global pandemic, I was nervous that my bees would be delayed. Fortunately, it all moved forward! 

The last of the frames in the first super


We picked our spot on the property and got it ready for the bees. I officially became a beekeeper on May 23 2020. 

Cheers to taking a step towards my dreams and to embracing the work it's going to take to keep them happy and healthy!

Pura Vida